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28 Jan 2010 ... Using the heads-up display (HUD) you can convert that information into easy-to- understand stats and display them beside your opponents' ... Tópico: Padrões de stats de Hud | Sensei Poker

31 Jul 2013 ... When you click the stats HUD you get the standard PT4 tournament popups ..... What do u think about cbet stats for sng huds...yes or no? SharkScope - Online and Live Poker Statistics SharkScope is the most complete database of poker tournament results ... Set Your Stats to Public on any Opt-In Network; Check Your Stats Weekly for a Prize ... Buy «aJarov & Fukuruku» Package MTT, MTTSNG, SNG: price ... MTT MTSNG SNG ... Description Explanation of stats HUD screenshot on the table Еach Pop Up screenshot ... Some achievements of the guys in online poker: . VPIP and PFR - Poker Statistics - Poker Copilot 5 Dec 2016 ... A guide to using and understanding VPIP and PFR in online poker statistics. ... your opponents' poker statistics, and shows them onscreen in a HUD ... VPIP to rise higher than your PFR, creating a gap between the two stats.

My study time over the past two weeks has been spent working on my poker HUD. After watching the latest training videos from Assassinato (MTT HUDs Classroom) and Apestyles (Stars 200r HH replay) on, I decided to turn mine into a combination of the their two HUD’s.

Discussion of HUD use for SNGs - STT Poker Strategy ... Discussion of HUD use for SNGs: User Name: ... I use seperate panels in HEM so that I can move the PlayerName line from the HUD over the players name in the poker client. Having name in the HUD may seem superfluous but HEM has a nice feature that lets you color-code the player name according to how many big blinds they have in their stack ... HUD Stats For SNG - Beginning Poker Questions - Beginner ... Re: HUD Stats For SNG I have a HUD available but don't bother to use it. If you have enough hands on someone at various blind levels then you should be able to write notes that will serve you better than stats. Good Stats Poker HUD for SNG - YouTube A brief overview of poker with statistics GS Poker HUD for SNG. ----- Короткий обзор игры в покер со статистикой GS Poker HUD. В статистике ... Poker HUD Stats Glossary & Meanings | SplitSuit Poker

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Heads Up Poker HUDs | Heads Up Poker And Spin and Go Videos ... Your Source For Heads Up Sit and Go and Spin and Go Strategy FAQ | LEGAL ... Home; Free; Heads Up Poker HUDs. Your resource for both free and premium heads up display (HUD) software for Holdem Manager 1 & 2 ... It's compact and has all the essential stats with detailed pop-ups. ... HEM 2, Free HEM 2 Poker HUD. Hand2Note - Poker HUD Customization in Hand2Note Hand2Note provides rich tools for customizing HUD and stats. ... to show specific stats on a final table of MTT SNG with known initial players' count like 180-SNG. +EV HUD's Advanced, yet easy to use poker HUD's for Tournaments, Cash Games, ... MTT's or SnG's, then you need a HUD, which shows you dedicated stats for situations, ...

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My intention here is to help you understand what a HUD can and can’t do, the importance of creating your own personalised HUD, what stats you need to be considering for Sit and Goes, and finally using filters to get the best from your HUD at different stages of a SNG tournament. Poker HUDs – How Can Getting A HUD Improve Your Game Top 10 Poker HUD Stats - Smart Poker Study Top 10 Poker HUD Stats 8. Live Amount ’s-for MTT’s and SNG’s Description: This is how many ’s the player has at the current blind level. Exploitation: For MTT and SNG players, this is a key stat to have as it calculates stack sizes in ’s, freeing up your mind to think about other matters at hand. With bubble play and

Je vais aborder un sujet que bon nombre de débutants me demandent. A savoir : quelles stats dois-je absolument avoir en sng jackpot sur mon HUD ?

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Note: Winning Poker Network only allows a single HUD to be used on MTT or SNG tables. This is due to the way they name the windows which make it impossible for us to support it. On cash tables we do support multiple tables.